Yoga & Pilates

We realised that Yoga and Pilates are a perfect complement to endurance sports because of their emphasis on stretching, releasing and balancing all parts of the body. Even if you do not do any endurance sports, yoga may help you to connect your body, mind and soul and to achieve physical and mental balance. It will maintain your physical and mental health.

We offer private lessons in Yoga and Pilates.

MEETING POINT:  by appointment
TIME:                          by appointment

Privat class Yoga 60 minutes  € 80,- / 90 minutes € 120,- (plus Euro 20,- surcharge to Lech)
Privat class Pilates 60 minutes € 80,- (plus Euro 20,- surcharge to Lech)


  • Comfortable clothes
  • Socks – no shoes


 TEACHING LANGUAGE: German or English

Yoga is a 5000 year old theory from India. In Patanjali’s famous Yoga Sutras, he defines Yoga as „Chitta vritti nirodhaha“ or „stilling the fluctuations of the mind“. Yoga is a spiritual path that aims to control the mind and to draw the senses inward. We focus on the body, breath and mind during Yoga. The goal of Yoga is to combine and unite body, breath and mind. Yoga is therefore not just the practice of postures (sanskrit: asanas), but also the practice of correct and healthy breathing, and the feeling of this breath (called prana in Sanskrit, or ‘life energy’) within us.

Yoga connects not just the body, mind and soul, but also each of us. It brings people together. Yoga is the awareness of our connection with everything – nothing is separate. Our deeds and words influence others and vice versa.

Yoga is not about being perfect: Everybody starts where he/she is right now (this can vary from day to day, depending on your mood, lifestyle, and stage of life. Anyone can reach their personal goals through daily Yoga practice. During every Yoga class you learn to accept where you are and how far you can go right now. Every Yoga class brings you a step further and you will never go back to the same place where you started. There is no reason to physically strain into a posture that you are not ready for at the expense of your body. Do not compare yourself to anyone else attending a Yoga class. Patanjali explaines in his Yoga Sutras that an asana should have two qualities. The first is sthira – stability and power in a pose – and the second is sukha – the ability to relax in a pose.

We teach with love and passion. During our Yoga classes we focus on you with mindful attention, and we offer you the opportunity to turn inward, far away from the distractions and stimulations of huge Yoga studios. Our aim is to concentrate on you and to guide you further on your Yoga path. We adjust each asana (physical postures) to your individual needs and capabilities, no matter if you are new to Yoga or if you have been practicing for some time. Along with the asanas we teach different breathing techniques (called pranayama in Sanskrit) that each either calm, energize, heat, or cool the body.

Our teachers instruct in Raja Yoga, which means the Royal Path of Yoga. Hatha Yoga classes, based on the cultivation of opposing forces, are also offered. We also teach Vinyasa Flow classes, which feature more dynamic movement. Evening classes feature Yin Yoga, a calming and grounding practice to prepare the body for sleep.

I – Johanna – was taught in RAJA Yoga (the royal path of Yoga). Most of the time I teach Hatha Yoga (a path to Raja Yoga) where the poses/asanas are hold for a longer time. At the beginning of your own Yoga path it is important to perform the asanas in an exact way and therefore it takes time. I take this time to bring my Yoga student careful into the correct posture. As more practice you have you can also do flow classes. At evening classes I also use Yin Yoga elements that calm down body and mind at the end of the day. I also add mental coaching elements in my classes – like for example dream journeys at the final relaxation.

Yoga has many benefits. Yoga:

  • Improves your health through conscious movement coordinated with breath work
  • Strengthens your circulatory system
  • Expands your breathing volume
  • Increases flexibility
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Stimulates digestion through deep diaphragmatic breathing and asana practice
  • Sharpens and calms the mind
  • Improves your concentration
  • Moderates pain
  • Improves your brain-capacity
  • Improves your inner balance
  • Lowers blood pressure and decelerates the heart beat
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Is an ideal complement for endurance sports because of its emphasis on stretching, releasing, and balancing all aspects of the body