MMag. (FH) Markus Tschol, MBA
I can tell you in two words who I am. I was born at the Arlberg and it is probably due to this region that I have developed my passion for doing sports. There are so many possibilities to take some exercise in the natural surroundings and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

What would I like to achieve by starting this sports academy?
At the Arlberg, my sports academy will be the first one which specialises on cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiing courses will start in winter 2014/2015. In summer 2015, the academy will start with courses in mountain biking and hiking. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Why did I build up this sports academy?
I have been passionate about sports since my childhood. Doing sports helps me to find my balance and be calmer in my daily routine. I am able to withstand stress in my job as hotelier and I feel healthy and fit. Nature and sports are an inherent part of my life. I decided to offer following four sports at my sports academy:

  • Cross-country skiing: I am one of the first cross-country skiing instructors (Landeslehrer) at the Arlberg and I am among the first twenty qualified cross country skiing instructors in Austria. To me, cross-country skiing combines coordination and skillfulness as well as persistency and strength training for the whole body. Cross-country skiing is an excellent workout for body and spirit.
  • Snowshoe hiking: As with hiking in summer, nature plays the essential role in winter as well. You can vary the intensity of your training according to your fitness level. Long distances improve your physical condition, but also shorter ones may already be of benefit to your health. And sometimes you might simply enjoy the fresh air while being surrounded by an unspoilt winter landscape. Snowshoe hiking gives you the possibility to experience and encounter nature in a way which may not be possible in another sport.
  • Mountain biking: Another passion and my favorite sport in summer is mountain biking. Not only your condition is challenged while going up the mountain, but also your skill and concentration when going down. To me, there is nothing better than the feeling of physical and mental wellbeing in the evening when coming back from a great mountainbike trip and recalling the beautiful images while drinking a glass of shandy. I can feel every muscle in my body and I “know what I did for my body and wellbeing that day”.
  • Hiking: While hiking, what matters to me is the surrounding country and the experiences you make together as a group. It makes a lot more fun to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the fresh air and a little drink at the mountain cabin together after an exciting tour.

If you want to have adventures – to do something for your health – to be professionally guided – to experience nature – to feel good – to relax, then make an appointment or get information on our multi-day trips.