Markus Tschol

I have been running the Hotel Bergheim GmbH in St. Anton am Arlberg since 1993. I am passionate about doing sports and pampering my guests. The sports academy gives me the opportunity to combine my two passions. I am looking forward to experiencing numerous beautiful sports moments with my guests.

Sports qualifications: qualified cross-country skiing instructor, ski instructor with alpine training courses, Tyrolean mountain hiking guide, mountain biking guide, D-Trainer (race), 14 years of experience as ski and cross-country instructor, 20 years of experience as mountain hiking guide, nationally certified coach for racing in alpine and cross-country skiing.


Johanna Tschol

To me, doing sports means to be in balance and contented. Whenever I am allowed to move my body I feel happy and relaxed. I enjoy sharing my pleasure in doing sports with other people. But even more I enjoy contributing to your wellbeing and to your personal development. An improvement in your performance means a small personal success for me as well. This is what makes my work so exciting and enriches my life.

I love spending my time in the open countryside and I am looking forward to showing you the beautiful surroundings of Tyrol. At the KAPSHOF, my Yoga house situated in Kössen, I live my personal dream.

Qualifications: Tyrolean mountain hiking guide, Qualified mental trainer, Children mental trainer, Pilates instructor, Cross-country skiing instructor, Yoga teacher, Children yoga teacher


Jasmin Berchtold

As I was born amidst perfect cross country ski tracks in the Bregenz forest, it was only logical to devote myself to this sport. Being a professional cross-country skier, I am focused on achieving my goal to rank among the best in this sport.

Having been successful at a national level when I was a teen, I was admitted to the Squad of the Vorarlberg Ski Association. That was the time when I achieved first successes at an international level, among them, for example, silver and bronze at the European Youth Championships and good results at the European Youth Olympic Festival. My achievements were rewarded by having been admitted to the Development Squad of the Austrian Sports Association, which allowed me to take advantage of its training opportunities as well. So far, I have been able to achieve a couple of top 10 results at the European Championships and have participated in the Junior World Championships three times. My goal is to participate in the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld/Austria in 2019 and to win a medal at the Winter Olympics.

I would love to share my experience in and passion for this wonderful endurance sport – preferably during a training session in the Arlberg region where snow is guaranteed in winter. During the session, I will provide you with tips for improving your technique and delight you with anecdotes from the life of a top athlete. I am looking forward to beautiful and exciting moments at the Arlberg!


Torsten Ingerslev

Schon von klein auf zählten Sport und Natur zu meinen großen Leidenschaften. Heute fühle ich mit glücklich und entspannt, wenn ich mich mit Ski, Mountainbike oder Bergschuhen in die faszinierende Bergwelt begeben kann.

Früher konnte ich meine Freude an Natur und Sport mit meiner wissenschaftlichen Tätigkeit als Expeditionsleiter an wildbiologischen Projekten in Norwegen und Grönland kombinieren, egal ob ich auf den Spuren des norwegischen Luchs und Rentiers oder des grönländischen Moschusochsen und Grosswals war.

Später habe ich mit Begeisterung Jugendliche in den Fächern Ökologie, Trainingslehre und Physiologie auf gymnasialem Niveau unterrichtet. Wichtig war für mich auch in dieser Hinsicht der praxisbezogene Unterricht in der freien Natur.

Und jetzt! Jetzt freue ich mich schon, Ihnen die wunderbare Bergwelt am Arlberg zu zeigen und dies am besten kombiniert mit der entspannenden Bewegung des Langlaufs. Ob sie Anfänger oder Profi sind und für den WASA-Lauf trainieren, ich freue mich, mit Ihnen in die wunderbare weisse Welt des Arlbergs einzutauchen.

Sportliche Ausbildungen: Trainerausbildung für Langlauf: Ausbildungsverlauf in Norwegen im Trainingscenter Anita Moin, Schilehrer für Langlauf: Ausbildungsverlauf durch den Dänischen Schilehrerverband, Trainerausbildung für Tennis: Ausbildungsverlauf durch den Dänischen Tennisverband


Susanne Csörgo

• Dipl.-Fitness- und Health Trainer
• Dipl.-Pilates Trainer (NFA)
• Leading of Seminars and Workshops
• Snowsport Tyrol Crosscountry skiing instructor
• Snowsport Salzburg Skiing instructor
• Dipl.-Shaolin Qi Gong and Tai Chi Trainer
• Personal Trainer
Diagnose tools:
• B.I.A. Bioelektrische Impedanz Analyse
• Biofeedback – HRV-Stresstest – Burn Out Prevention
• Conconi- Endurance & Training plan
• TCM-Meridiandiagnostic with Nutrition &  Lifestylecoaching